• "Master Hai" Ring  - 《海公子》戒指 - aurumspeak
  • "Master Hai" Ring  - 《海公子》戒指 - aurumspeak
  • "Master Hai" Ring  - 《海公子》戒指 - aurumspeak

"Master Hai" Ring - 《海公子》戒指

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After having completed her porcelain doll animation "Master Hai", the designer Geng Xue deliberately fired some fragments according to the prototype. These pieces were designedly segmented and carefully conceived by our designer @冯大佳子, and finally became a series of gorgeous combinations of gold and porcelain. - 设计师耿雪在完成了她的陶瓷动画《海公子》之后,按照原型又特意烧制了一些残片。这些残片经由我们的设计师@冯大佳子的人为分割和用心的设计,最终成就了这样一个黄金与瓷片完美结合的系列。
Ring. Like a cloud, it is carefree, casual, and freewheeling. It takes only a little thought to tour the universe. All 24K gold. - 戒指。如祥云般自在,随意,随形。天地一线,都在一念之间。全部24K金。
All jewelry is handmade. Please contact our customer service for details. - 手工制作,详情请咨询客服。
Design by:@Jia Feng - Design by:@冯大佳子

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