DISS TU, bunny originated in China, provides a convincing demonstration of future technology with lips that shows its indomitable will, a belly that holds its original aspiration and a body that gives people a glimpse of the future. - 迪斯兔是一只汇集了未来科技,并拥有倔强嘴、初心仓、未来身的中国兔子。
Coming from the space, it observes the world in its own way and from its own viewpoint. The permanently downcast mouth reveals its upright and dignified manner and its intransigence facing all the unreasonable things in the world. - TA从太空而来,用自己的方式和角度观察世界,并永远保持嘴角向下, 预示着对这个世界一切不合理的不卑、不亢、不妥协。
The artist hopes to create an image and symbol that can truly represent the future of China drawing on the expression of fashion art. Featuring the character and the spirit of the Chinese nation, it expresses attitudes towards the world and the present moment as well as bears the hopes and expectations of the new generation for China's future. - 艺术家希望通过潮流艺术的语言,创造一个真正代表中国未来的形象与符号,TA凝练了中华民族的品格与气质,表达着对世界和当下的态度,也承载着新生代对中国未来的希冀与期盼。

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