The Christmas Geometry - 圣诞几何系列

It's Christmas! Put on The AurumSpeak Jewelry and let the revels begin! - 圣诞节,戴上“丈四笔”一起狂欢吧!

The AurumSpeak 2020 holiday collection Christmas Geometry Series is now available. - 丈四笔2020岁末新款——圣诞几何系列现已推出啦!

The Christmas Geometry Series launched this time includes four shapes: Jumping Semicircle, Playful Triangle, Tall Square, and Naughty Rhombus. All 18K gold, handmade. - 这次我们推出的圣诞几何系列,包括:跳跳半圆、俏皮三角、高个方形、淘气菱形这四个形状。全部18K金,手工制作。

For each shape, we have introduced earrings, rings and necklaces. These four sets of cheerful, eye-catching pieces are sure to become mainstays in your personal collection. - 每个形状,我们都推出了耳环、戒指和项链,美到不可方物的四套饰品。

Place an order of your personalized piece of the AurumSpeak and let the sparkle do the talking this season! - 现在定制,圣诞节就可以戴上“丈四笔”一起狂欢啦!

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