Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Agreement between the Palace Museum and China Construction Bank. - 故宫博物院与中国建设银行战略合作协议签约仪式。

September 7, 2019 - 2018年9月7日

"Universe Auspicious Bead" of "Bao Yun Building" in The Palace Museum - 故宮博物院”宝蕴楼”之“乾坤吉祥珠"

China Construction Bank launches - 中国建设银行首发

Palace Museum-China Construction Bank-Beijing Culture Investment Development Group Co. Ltd. Strategic Alliance Initiative - 故宫博物院-中国建设银行-北京文投集团战略联盟倡议

September 7, 2019 - 2018年9月7日

As the first product launched after the signing of CCB and the Palace Museum strategic alliance, "Universe Auspicious Bead" will be officially released on December 20 this year. - 作为建行-故宫战略协议签署后的第一款产品“乾坤吉祥珠”将于今年12月20日正式发售。

On October 25, 2018, Mr. Cai Qi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee, came to the National Palace Museum during the Beijing Cultural Fair. He wished that CCB's "Universe Auspicious Bead" made a flying start. - 2018年10月25日,中共中央政治局委员、北京市委书记蔡奇同志在北京文博会期间专门来到故宫展区,祝愿“乾坤吉祥珠”在建行取得“开门红”。

On December 29, 2018, more than 120 major leaders from institutions at all levels will go to the Baoyun Building of the Palace Museum to attend the “Cultural Tourism Onsite Promotion Conference”. "Universe Auspicious Bead" and the cooperation between CCB, the Palace Museum and Beijing Government will be a key example of the municipal party committee to make a comprehensive introduction. - 2018年12月29日,各级单位主要领导120余人将到故宫宝蕴楼举办“文化旅游现场推进会”。“乾坤吉祥珠”及建行-故宫-北京的此次合作将作为市委重点范例给予大家全面的介绍。


In 2017, when the National Palace Museum Creative Centre created a development plan, it proposed a “Trinity Strategy” to establish cooperation with a large bank, a traditional commercial brand with national influence, and an international top cultural luxury brand. - 2017年,故宮文创在制定发展规划时,就提出了与一家大银行、一家具有全国影响力的传统商业品牌、一家国际顶级文化奢侈品牌建立合作的“三一战略”。

The signing of the strategic agreement between the China Construction Bank and the Palace Museum along with the launch of the “Universe Auspicious Bead” is the first step of the “Trinity Strategy”. - 建设银行与故宫博物院战略协议的签署及“乾坤吉祥球”的推出是“三一战略”迈出的第一步。

At the signing ceremony of the strategic agreement between CCB and the Palace Museum on September 7 and the launch of the Universe Auspicious Bead, CCB along with the Palace Museum and Beijing Government issued a joint initiative to together make the "Bao Yun Building" a fashion brand with the core elements of traditional culture, as well as contribute to the national strategy of making Beijing the national cultural center and fashion capital. - 在9月7日建设银行与故宮博物院战略协议签署仪式及乾坤吉祥珠发布会上,建行一故宫一北京三方还发布了共同倡议,三方携手把“宝蕴楼”打造成具备传统文化核心元素的时尚品牌,为北京全国文化中心国家战略和时尚之都建设做出贡献。

The celebrity of Baoyun Building has been made since last November when President Xi Jinping and his wife, Ms. Peng Liyuan, hosted the US President Trump and his wife who visited China for the first time. In fact, as a “unique” building in the Palace Museum, it has always shouldered a special mission. For example, last May, Ms. Peng Liyuan hosted the ladies of the countries who visited the Imperial Palace during the first Belt and Road Summit. On the annual AIDS Day, Ms. Peng Liyuan also hosts related activities here a couple times. Just a few days ago, the visiting German President Steinmeier was also hosted here. - 大家对宝蕴楼的熟知莫过于去年11月习近平主席和夫人彭丽媛女士在这里接待首次到访中国的美国总统特朗普夫妇。其实,这里作为故宫博物院内“独一无二”的建筑还一直肩负着特殊的使命。如去年5月份,彭丽媛女士还在这里接待了第一届一带一路首脑峰会期间到访故宫的各国元授夫人。每年的艾滋病日,彭丽媛女士也多在这里主持相关活动。就在几天前,这里还接待了到访的德国总统施泰因迈尔。

High-end brand of the Palace Museum: Baoyun Building - 故宫高端品牌一宝蕴楼

Baoyun Building was built in 1913 and was completed in 1915. It was built by Zhu Qizhen, who was revered as the founder of the Society for the Study of Chinese Architecture, and Jin Cheng, who was hailed as the founder of the Chinese museology, using the blueprints of German designers at the time. The original purpose of Baoyun Building was to place the former Qing Dynasty Palace jewelries and secret archives, the value of which is immeasurable, from the Shenyang Imperial Palace and the “Summer Palace” Chengde Mountain Resort back to Beijing. The name "Baoyun Building" contains the meaning of "reserving treasures." It is said that its name was written by Lin Changmin, the father of Lin Huiyin, a famous modern architect, poet and writer in China. Lin Changmin is the brother of Lin Juemin, one of the "seventy-two martyrs of Huanghuagang", and the scholar well known in the intellectual circle in the early years of the Republic of China. Baoyun Building is the only well-preserved Western architecture in the Imperial Palace, which reflects the big heart and gracious feelings of Chinese culture. It is precisely because of this that "Baoyun Building" was given the mission of Crossover integration of excellent traditional culture and fashion elements into “new Chinese cultural style” by the Palace Museum and Beijing Government. Moreover, CCB, Palace Museum and Beijing will have a strong relationship with the “Baoyun Building” as a bond to work together for Beijing's future development. - 宝蕴楼始建于1913年,建成于1915年。由被尊称为“中国营造学社创始人“的朱启钤和被誉为“中国博物馆学奠基人”的金城主持修建,用的是当时德国设计师的图纸。宝蕴楼最初目的是用于放置从沈阳故宫和“夏宫”承德避暑山庄运回京师的原清宫金石玉宝和密档典籍,其价值不可估量。“宝蕴楼”蕴含“宝物蕴藏”的意义。据说其名是由我国近代著名建筑家、诗人、作家林徽因的父亲林长民所书写。林长民是“黄花岗七十二烈士”之一的林觉民的哥哥,也是民国初年闻名士林的书生逸士。宝蕴楼是故宮内唯一一座保存完整的西洋建筑,从而也体现出中华文化海纳百川的胸襟与情怀。也正是因为如此,“宝蕴楼”被故宫博物院与北京赋予了将优秀传统文化与时尚元素“跨界”融合为“新中式文化风格“做出表率的使命。建行-故宫-北京也将以“宝蕴楼“为纽带紧密联系在一起,共同为北京未来的发展大计而努力。

This video introduces the cultural characteristics of “Universe Auspicious Bead” from different perspectives by Ms. Yun Limei, Ms. Feng Jia and Mr. Zheng Hong. In the video, they express the creative idea and core concept of “Universe Auspicious Bead” from three different perspectives. - 这段视频分别由恽丽梅老师、冯佳女士以及郑鸿先生从不同的角度介绍“乾坤吉祥珠”的文化特征。在视频中,三位老师从三个不同的角度将“乾坤吉祥珠”的文创概念及核心理念予以表达。

Ms. Yun Limei is a researcher at the Palace Museum. She has written articles such as the Development and Changes of the Imperial Seals in the Qing Dynasty, Poetry of Qianlong: the special cultural phenomenon of the Qing Dynasty, the Seals and Poems for celebrating the birthday of the Emperor Qianlong, and the Antique Foreign Clocks and Watches. - 恽丽梅老师是故宫博物院研究员,曾著有《清代宝玺的发展与变化》、《乾隆诗文玉册:清宫特殊的文化现象》、《乾隆皇帝的祝寿印及祝寿诗》、《洋古董钟表》等论述。

Feng Jia, a native of Beijing, insists on the concept of "One shop, one crafter", and strives to inherit the traditional hand-made combined with modern technology to customize gold cultural products. She took lessons from several European jewelry masters. She is a beloved disciple of Laurent Max, a professor of jewelry at the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp. - 冯佳,北京土生土长,坚持一匠一铺的理念,努力传承传统手作与现代科技结合的方式定制黄金文化产品。师从多位欧洲首饰大师。是安特卫普皇家艺术学院首饰系教授劳伦特麦克斯所钟爱的门徒。

Zheng Hong, a thinker on the path to the development of Chinese cultural industrialization, a crossover creative designer and planner. - 郑鸿,一位中国文化产业化发展之路上的思考者,跨界创意设计师及策划人。

Ms. Yun expressed the idea about the auspicious cultural meaning and historical background of "Accomplish the original dream", as well as how the ancients, represented by Qianlong, held the persistence and belief of "Worthy of the ancestors, Worthy of the dreams". This is similar to the advocacy of "Remain true to the original aspiration, accomplish the mission" today. - 恽老师讲的是“心愿符初”的吉祥文化寓意与历史背景,以及以乾隆为代表的古人们“无愧祖先、无愧梦想”的执著与信念。这与今天我们所宣传的“不忘初心,方得始终”具有异曲同工之妙。

After talking with Mr. Wang Lin from the Court Department of the Palace Museum, Feng Jia integrated her feelings of life, her understanding of harmony, her supplication for peace, and her vision for the future into the creation of the Auspicious Bead. - 冯佳在与故宫博物院宫廷部王子林老师一番交谈后,将自己对生活的感悟、对和谐的理解、对平安的祈愿、对未来的展望融入到吉祥珠的创作中。

With a change of the circular structure that is usually used on the bead, four characters of "Accomplish the original dream" are cast on the four sides of the outer wall of the hexagonal bead. The hexagon represents stability and safety in the geometry. It also resembles a nut. Nuts and screws are the most common and indispensable parts among the mechanical components and are the foundation of any steady and solid structure. - 一改珠体通常采用的圆形结构,将“心愿符初”四字铸刻于六边形珠体外壁四边。六边形在几何图形中代表稳定与安全,又形似于螺母,螺母螺钉是机械构件中最普通又最不可或缺的组件,是任何构架稳固、牢靠的基础。

Ms. Feng Jia compares the auspicious bead to a nut and compares the metal chain passing through the inner diameter of the bead to a screw. According to the needs of different wearers, "Qian" and "Kun" meaning "Heaven" and "Earth" respectively are divided into two characters, taking up separately the entire two sides of the bead, and then merge with the "person", the wearer, to create a thematic concept of "Only in harmony with heaven and earth can one accomplish the original dream and create an auspicious universe". The right-angled hexagon gives the wearer a sense of modernity and personality in a resolute manner. - 冯佳将吉祥珠比作螺母,将穿过珠体内径的金属链比作螺钉,根据不同佩戴者的需求,将寓意“天”与“地”的“乾”与“坤”意分为二分别占据对珠的整个两面上下,再与佩戴者这个“人”融合在一起,形成“天地人和,方能心愿符初,乾坤吉祥”的主题概念。而直角六边形带给佩戴者以刚毅之态颇具现代时尚个性之感。

Mr. Zheng Hong has agreed to design and innovate the box of the Universe Auspicious Bead with his love for art and culture. - 郑鸿先生也是凭着对艺术、对文化的热爱接受了乾坤吉祥珠包装盒的设计与创新之路。

As the first product launched after the signing of CCB-Palace Museum strategic alliance, the Universe Auspicious Bead is "small", but its cultural connotation and conception are extremely profound. - 作为故宫-建行战路协议签署后的首款产品,乾坤吉祥珠“虽小”,但他背负的文化内涵与立意却极为深厚。

Therefore, CCB will also use the new model to push the story behind the “Auspicious Bead” with the cultural connotation of the Imperial Palace and the imperial auspicious atmosphere of the New Year to the sensory awareness of every CCB user, to deeply imprint the imperial auspicious cultural elements in the minds of users. - 因此,建行也将以新的模式将“吉祥珠”背后的故事与故宫文化内涵及宫廷新年吉祥氛围推向每一位建行用户的感官认识之中。将宫廷吉庆文化元素深深印刻在前往用户脑海中。

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